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By Samantha -

 After adopting a pitbull mix from a nearby animal shelter I soon  realized that, Oskar, would need a little help learning how to live off  the streets. Eating out of the trash can, growling at the neighbor's  kids and using my couch as a chew toy was not going to fly in my house! A  friend suggested I call All Breeds Dog Training. I felt better after  the first phone contact with owner/operator Richie Kuper. Rich not only  taught my wild dog how to behave, but he also taught me how to behave as  a dog owner and become the boss in the relationship. My friends and  family cannot believe the turn around my dog and I experienced after  just a few training sessions. Oskar is a model dog now, he listens to  every word I say, his poor habits have been extinguished and he is 100%  proof that pitbulls are an amazingly affectionate and intelligent breed.  I'm so glad that I was able to save this pup and still keep my sanity  (and furniture) with Rich's help! I STRONGLY recommend Rich to any and  all dog owners I meet.

By Donald -

After All Breeds Dog Training School ended for my pooch I was the most  satisfied a customer can be. Since our experience with my over-active  Lab, I have recommended Rich Kuper as a dog trainer to 3 friends who  have all had similar success stories. When I asked my girlfriend to  move-in and marry me, I almost had to ask my best friend (a chocolate  lab named Bogart) to move out. Rich made house visits to help fit in  training sessions with my tight schedule. The sessions flew by, my dog  learned something new every single time, as did I!!! Rich is an honest,  well-mannered professional who really helped me out and I love to re-pay  him by sending more dogs his way, any my dog-owning friends are always  happy I did. Thanks from me and the new Mrs. for all that you have  done!‎

Saved my Marriage!‎‎ By J -

 Two years ago I brought home a beautiful pure-bred German Shepard as a  surprise for my kids. My wife was not as easily impressed. Max was in  perfect health, perfect appearance, but he was a nightmare! After  hooking up with Rich from All Breeds Dog Training, Max was the most  well-behaved dog I had ever seen! My wife now enjoys taking him on long  walks where he no longer pulls her around the neighborhood. I have  absolutely no hesitation about leaving the kids alone with him, he  stands silent while my toddler pulls on his tail and chases him with his  toys and one time even painted his nails! Max is a member of our family  and, thanks to Rich at All Breeds, our family wouldn't have it any  other way. Thanks again!‎ 

Best Dog Trainer‎‎ - By cek21689

I've had many trainers for my dog, which is a wheaten terrier named Bo.  All of the trainers were just beginners, and made him worse. When I was  recommended to Richie Kuper of the All Breeds Dog Training, he was  honest and straightforward, and straightened out all of my problems, for  Bo. I highly recommend him!‎‎

The best decision I ever made!!!‎‎ -By scottymullz

I have a 6 year old male Beagle that was a major challenge to say the  least. A friend referred me to Rich at All Breed Dog Training School  last year and I have to say it is the best thing that could have  happened for my dog & for us. Rich was a pleasure to deal with and a  great teacher for my wife and I and Bailey our Beagle is such a changed  dog that words can't even begin to describe the transformation that has  taken place! I highly recommend anyone who reads this to give Rich a  call. I can't imagine a better trainer being out there. Thanks for all  your help Rich!!! P.S- Bailey says hi

Thanks Again Richie

Hey Rich thanks for giving me the sweetest Rottie on the planet!......I  always remember how you knew she was the one for me.....amazing....I  also remember how my ol wanted to put us both in the shed......anyway,  they became tight girlfriends......everyone loved Zoey ......she was  definitely a real people dog......thank god and Rich's training. Donny

An Open Letter

I have known Richie  almost 50 years. He has always shown his talent of  training dogs.  He is the best in the world, at his job. My wife and I  purchased one of his dogs and brought  it  from New York to Texas  best  thing we ever did, So we even got us another one. Owning a world class  well trained dog is a proud feeling. Any questions, feel free to contact  me at 214 536 1774 cell I would be happy to speak with you. 

Howard Zuckerbrow


I’ve heard of and seen Richard Kuper & his Dog Training skills  for  many years, so when it came time to  training  my son & his wife's  dog, it was a  no brainer. This wild, uncontrollable, still not  housebroken Labrador Retriever who  was a nightmare, is now a joy  to  own & a perfect gentleman that even my wife  who never liked dogs,  loves Ben & welcomes him with open  arms anytime he  visits, and he   has the run  of the house!.  We even dog sit  from time to time,  for  the kids who couldn't be happier now that he's a pleasure to own.  We  love  him, now &  thanks to Richie, Ben  is a permanent member of  our family. Thanks  again Richie, GREAT JOB  Best Regards!. Paul &  Family 

Michael ‎ - Mar 19, 2012

Richard is a fantastic trainer. I would recommend All Breed Dog Training School to Everyone. One of the most informational people I have met in the Industry.  

Nancy K

A rescue group member pulled up to my door  one Saturday 2 months ago with a 7- or 8-month old Rottweiler puppy -  and I say puppy with a grain of salt because I've only got 15 lbs. on  him.  He wasn't housebroken, terrible on the leash, ate the house in 2  days, strong as a tractor and bit me like in a K9 police dog video.  I  thought for sure this was way more dog than I could handle.  Maximus, as  I call him, had already been through 2 homes in his short life and not  destined for happily ever after.  I'll not soon forget the overwhelming  sense of failure, desperation, fear, chaos and mayhem on a walk - or  shall I say drag - that first week I had him.  I parked Max on a fence  post and sat down in tears, wondering how we were going to get 2 blocks  home without an ambulance.  He had knocked me over twice, bit me hard on  the arm and scratched my neck and chest pretty badly. 

   Long story short, it  was Richie Kuper of All Breeds Dog Training to the rescue!  In the very  first lesson, he taught me how to hold and control him to the point  where I no longer looked at our walks with stress and dread and tears.    Over the course of the next 9 weeks, he helped me get over my natural  reactions to Max's antics, demonstrated that Max could be the amazingly  smart, focused, fun and loyal Rottweiler his genes dictated, and most  importantly, gave me the tools that restored my hope and optimism for  Max's future with me.

    Throughout our  training with Richie, Max & I both developed as a team.  It wound up  that Max needed far less training than I, and Richie was able to convey  what I needed to understand in exactly the way I needed to learn it,  with a lot of patience and just enough humor to make our sessions  memorable and effective.   I confidently know I can control him now, and  very importantly, so does he.  Our walks have become a pleasure, he's  the toast of the town, picking up new friends - both human and canine -  every day.  And now I'm just crazy about this huge, handsome, wonderful  boy who will be with me till one of us takes the big dirt nap.  Max is  happy exuberance in the flesh, and if not for Mr. Kuper, I might not  have had the opportunity to share so much fun, activity and love with  this terrific beast.  All Breeds made my life with Max more than just  manageable - it made it a joy.  I wholeheartedly recommend All Breeds,  and add that the ROI (Return On Investment) has already been achieved  and the payoff of many happy years together has only just begun.  Richie  Rocks!!!

Nancy K 

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